Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Meatless Monday with Mindy - Fast Food Pierogi's

Welcome to the 37th installment of  Meatless Monday with Mindy!

It's hard to believe that it's already halfway through January 2014! It's been busy already this month with 2 birthday past and 2 more coming up as early as the 15th! (Happy Birthday to my Honey!).

I love to cook, but I must confess, there are days I just don't want to. Monday was one of "those" days this week. I still wanted something fresh but I didn't want to chop and cook everything from scratch. So began my search. I went to our overstock freezer and began sorting and shuffling bags of frozen goodies.  I came across a partially used bag of frozen potato pierogies and thought, hmmm, what would taste good with potato pierogies? Well, duh!  Onions for sure!  What else do I have?  I always want to add greens to any meal I make. Broccoli sounded good. As I continued to shuffle around bags of goodies, I came across a small bag of fire-roasted mushrooms. Ahhhh, that was PERFECT! Mushroom and onions go good with just about anything. There was the basis for my fast food meal.

I took all these bags of frozen goodness upstairs and begin the dumping process. Oh, but first I did thickly slice onions.  I then saute'd the onions and mushrooms in about a tablespoon of Wildtree's Smoky Bacon flavor grapeseed oil (don't worry, no pigs were harmed in the making of this oil).  Once the onions begin to go transparent and the mushrooms began to heat through, I added the pierogies. Although this sounded good enough, I knew I was going to need more protein as I skipped lunch and my body was needing the added nutrients. So I dug through my pantry and found some cannelli beans. Protein! (cue angels to sing here) Open, drain and dump.

While all of that was heating through, I microwaved some broccoli to serve on the side.

The moral of this story is, you don't have to create labor intensive meals to come up with a good and satisfying meatless meal.

This quick meal consisted of:
Frozen potato pierogi
Frozen fire-roasted mushrooms
1 large onion, thick sliced
1 can cannelli beans, drained and rinsed
1 Tb smoky bacon flavored grapeseed oil
Frozen broccoli

Saute' onion and mushrooms in the oil in a large skillet until the onions become translucent. Add pierogies and beans and continue to saut√© until pierogies are slightly browned.  Serve with broccoli and enjoy. This meal came together in about 10 minutes. It's the best fast food I've ever had!

Thanks to my honey for taking this picture that made this fast food meal look as wonderful as it tasted!


Dave said...

Good stuff. I can take more of this.

Jenny said...

You know me, I'm not one for mushrooms...but I admire the great meal, and the fabulous picture that can even make mushrooms look good!