Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Here's What's Growin' On

Here's what growin' on around our place.  Back on April 5th, I shared this little tidbit about growing celery from a used stalk.  See here for that article.  This is what my experiment looked like at that time.  Recently I planted this outside in my patio garden and this little guy has grown from this... this.  
It is loving it's new home in the soil and has begun to really take off now.  It is much bushier and is actually growing tiny stalks!

At that same time, I took a picture of the grocery store basil I planted indoors. It was growing quite well for indoors, but was still looking a bit scraggly and the leaves were somewhat small.  
It went from this....

To this!
It is loving its new home outside. The leaves are large and lush and the plant has filled it's new pot outdoors, which is much larger than the one in the house. 

I planted some seeds our son gave me back in March. Here is the Red Russian Kale seeds just after they broke ground.

Here is what those little seedlings are looking like today.

Here are seedlings for Dinosaur Kale

And here is the kale today. Yes.., I realize I need to thin these out.  I moved several already to other spots in my garden. I have a hard time throwing away seedlings, so I wait until they are bigger and just move them around.  Any one want some kale?

I was so anxious to have fresh peas this year, so I bought some starts and planted those. Shortly after I was convinced the frost period was over I also started some from seed.  Here are my seedlings...looking good.

And here are the peas I bought as starts.  I can hardly wait the few more weeks before I can start harvesting these gems.

At the time I bought the pea starts, I also bought spinach. Here it is once it took root.

And here it is today! I bought two and planted them side by side. They are both already getting enormous! I have been harvesting these and using them for meals for a short time now.

This tarragon is grandfathered from last year.  I was surprised to see it come back! I now have tarragon in two spot on my patio.

Here is red lettuce that was so tiny when I planted it as a start. We've also been eating on this baby lately.

Can you say Butter Crunch lettuce? Yum! These leaves have been getting huge!  I'm trying to stay on top of these lettuces as I don't want them crowding out the other things growing in this bed. I can hardly believe the difference in taste from these vs. the ones at the grocer.

Our strawberries are happily coming back in full swing this year. Last year was the first year in, and although we did have a good crop last year, I am expecting a better crop this year.   These blooms are already falling off and we are getting tiny hard, green berries in their place.  Now, if we can just get to these before the chippies and birds realize what's growin' on too.

What's growin' on in your garden?

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