Monday, July 15, 2013

Meatless Monday with Mindy #19 Trial and Error

 Welcome to the 19th installment of Meatless Monday with Mindy!

Honey and I went to the Farmers Market this weekend and filled a large shopping tote to the brim with fresh produce from several vendors (farmers) on the square.  As we just got back from a trip, our fridge was empty. So I was a happy girl to get all this fresh from the farm produce just hours after it was picked. Later that day Honey grilled the veggies I cut up, hamburgers for himself and a couple of veggie burgers for me on our charcoal grill. I drizzled the  chopped veggies with a little olive oil and sprinkled them with Mrs. Dash original seasoning.  Onto the grill they went in our vegetable basket until they were just slightly browned. It was perfection. My veggie burger tasted wonderful too, dressed with fresh picked lettuce (still!) from my own garden along with tomato and pickles on a bun. I know it wasn't Monday yet, but this weekend meatless meal hit the spot!

Honey and I went to Kentucky this past week. He went for business, I went with him for a break in my routine and to go somewhere I hadn't been yet.  On the day we were to travel back home, we decided to go "do" a distillery tour before hitting the highway. Our first stop was the Jim Beam distillery. This fine looking campus and gift shop offered a tour guide that doubled as a comedian. She managed to make us all laugh more than once while at the same time giving us the facts and history of this famous distillery. At the end of the tour we were offered two samples of the many different types of bourbon Jim Beam produces. I, of course, wanted to sample the sweeter, fruit infused bourbon, while honey wanted to sample the aged, make your lips tingle stuff.  He can keep his lip tingling bourbon....yech! (Sorry Jim Beam).  I did like the Black Cherry infused bourbon though.

Anyhow, I bought a couple of recipe books (I know y'all are having a hard time believing I'd buy a cookbook, but I did.) In the spirit of our recent trip and the state of Kentucky, I thought I would take one of the recipes and tweak it to meet my Meatless Monday criteria.  I used one of the finest of Kentucky bourbons,Jim Beam Knob Creek, aged 12 years, along with the ingredients you see below. This was a pasta salad in the recipe book I bought. The original recipe had ham, which I didn't use for obvious reasons, and asparagus, which I didn't have, but the rest is pretty much following the recipe.

These ingredients are: cooked pasta, vegetable broth, dark red kidney beans (used in place of ham), steamed broccoli (used in place of asparagus), onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, bourbon, yellow peppers, garlic and fresh sage.

Basically you saute the vegetables and beans for about 5 minutes. Add the garlic and sage and saut√© a few minutes more then add the broth and bourbon and bring to a boil. The last step is to toss it with the pasta and serve. 

It all smelled good while it was cooking.

When I asked Honey what he thought of the recipe his response was ...well...

That was my thought too.  It definitely was not a main dish recipe.  Maybe a cold side dish.  Maybe.

Well now you have the ugly truth. Sometimes recipes just don't work out the way we want them to. It's trial and sometimes error when trying to create something new.  

But, I don't want to leave y'all high and dry. (And what's up me using y'all in this post? Must be Kentucky revving up my Texas days) 

 I'll show you what I was considering making tonight.  Kinda wishing I had now.

Picture from The Garden Grazer

The Garden Grazer posted this really good looking recipe on her site. This is Vegetable Lo Mein.  Check it out and give that a try. I know I'm going to.  

What are you cooking?

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Sharon B said...

Sounded good anyway. That pasta dish looks reeeeally good. Keep us posted on that one lol