Thursday, April 10, 2014

Things Are Growing On Around Here!

Spring has finally arrived in NE Ohio and there are lot's of things growin' on around here! After a LONG hard winter, the earth is stretching and pushing up green things all around.

Japanese Iris

Lemon mint



Old Fashioned Iris (and other varieties)

Rose of Sharon

Magic Lilly


And scallions (better known as green onions)

We got our first snow in October of 2013 and our last snow (or I hope so), in March of 2014.  That's a long 6 months of snow and cold temperatures that these plants have hibernated through (as well as us humans!).  Now we are experiencing those famous April showers and green is popping up all around.

What's growin' on around your home?

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Dave said...

It's good to see what's growing on around here. Nice pics and post.